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Reports & Publications by Heart of America Northwest

Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF)

Comments of Heart of America Northwest and Legal Advocates for Washington on the PEIS on Restart of the FFTF Nuclear Reactor: Our statement submitted to the Department of Energy, September 2000.

Nuclear Safety at FFTF and Hanford: Unsafe, Unregulated, No Public Right to Review: Overview of Heart of America Northwest Report on nuclear safety and criticality concerns relating to FFTF reactor restart missions at Hanford (October, 1999) and comments submitted for the scope of USDOE's programmatic Environmental Impact Statement on FFTF restart and Plutonium 238 production.

Tokaimura Japan's Nuclear Disaster Could Easily Happen at Hanford - An Uncontrolled Nuclear Reaction, or "criticality" - Especially if the FFTF Reactor is Restarted: The radiation exposures at Hanford from accidents with a high likelihood of occurrence would be far worse.

Waste Import to Hanford

February 2000: Washington Beware: A History of Waste Mismanagement at Nine Department of Energy Low-Level Waste Generators Shipping Waste to Hanford: Demonstrating the need to end offsite waste burial at Hanford and to investigate and remediate Hanford's low-level waste burial grounds. Documentation of a long history of USDOE waste mismanagement.

Hanford Public Interest Network Group's Principles on Bringing More Waste to Hanford: 10 principals that the Hanford Public Interest Group supports to save the Northwest.

Hanford Proposed (Again) to be National Radioactive Waste Dump: USDOE picks Hanford as one of the two dumpsites for radioactive and toxic waste from nuclear weapons and energy programs.

Hanford Fire of June 2000/Plutonium Release

Petition for EPA to request the US Justice Department start a criminal investigation of cover up by Department of Energy: Commitments were violated during and after the fire that swept over the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in June, 2000.

Summary of Elevated Radiation and Plutonium Levels: Legal memorandum in support of criminal investigation and enforcement; Hanford Wild Fire, Illegal Storage of Hazardous Wastes, Failures to Notify.

Clean-Up Priorities

Comments of Heart of America Research Center on US Department of Energy Richland's "Done in a Decade" Proposal: USDOE's proposal does not result in anything "done in a decade". Both the title and claims made in the promotional materials are deliberately deceptive.

Plutonium Finishing Plant (PFP)

Hanford's Self-Investigation of Plutonium Plant Explosion Emergency Response Extends Cover-Up: Report by Hanford clean-up watchdog group documents deliberate decisions to violate environmental and worker safety laws, and how Hanford's self-investigation extended the cover-up of abuses. Soon to be posted in full.

Privatization of Tank Waste Clean-Up

Next Steps Following Termination of BNFL Contract: Addendum to White Paper (May 17, 2000, listed below): The Northwest cannot afford the risks and $8+Billion in unnecessary costs from USDOE's failed gamble on Hanford tank waste "privatization".

The Northwest Can Not Afford the Risks and $8+Billion in Unnecessary Costs from USDOE's Failed Gamble on Hanford Tank Waste "Privatization": Heart of America Northwest's white paper with recommendations on Hanford tank waste and privatization.

"Privatization" contract with BNFL for High-Level Nuclear Wastes: Our region can not afford the risks and billions in unnecessary costs from Hanford's gamble on high-level nuclear waste "privatization", March 2000.

Review of Department of Energy's Hanford Radioactive Tank Waste Privatization Contract: Testimony of Gerald Pollet, JD Executive Director of Heart of America NW and Heart of America Research Center, given to US House of Representatives Committee on Commerce, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.


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