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History of Achievement for Heart of America Northwest

1998: HOANW is leading citizen group in organizing effort that turns out over 1200 citizens to regional meetings regarding the Department of Energy's plan to restart the Fast Flux Test Facility. Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson decides not to restart the facility for Tritium production.

1997: HOANW investigation proves explosion at Hanford's Plutonium Finishing Plant released Plutonium and exposed workers to cloud of toxic chemicals. Department of Energy and Hanford contractors are forced to admit they lied to workers and the public.

1996: HOANW turns out over 100 citizens to a public hearing to stop the Energy Department from adopting an illegal plan to limit clean up along the Columbia River.

1994: HOANW wins a settlement against Westinghouse Hanford Company and the Department of Energy for violations of the Clean Water Act. Also, HOANW demands an extensive study of the Department of Energy's planned restart of the unsafe Plutonium Finishing Plant (PFP).  Two months later the Energy Department ends the plant's defense mission.  Because of HOANW work, the plant is not in operation when an explosion rocks the building in 1997.

1992: HOANW wins major improvements in the Tri-Party Agreement requiring the Department of Energy to protect the Columbia River from further contamination.

1990: HOANW research reveals that the Department of Energy plans to use clean up funds to restart the Plutonium-Uranium Extraction Plant (PUREX). Congress orders that PUREX not be restarted.

1989: HOANW helps set the 30-year clean up goal for the Tri-Party Agreement, Hanford's clean up plan.

1988: HOANW lobbies for and wins a 42% increase in Hanford clean up funds.

1986: Executive Director Gerald Pollet and founding board members write Referendum 40, requiring a public vote before Hanford can become the nation's high-level nuclear waste dump. Referendum 40 passes with 84% of the vote.



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