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The Hanford site, located in southeastern Washington State, is now considered to be the most contaminated site in the western hemisphere. Since its conception in 1943, Hanford has evolved from producing plutonium and Tritium for the US nuclear weapons arsenal, to dealing with the radioactive wastes that were generated by those operations.

Within its first 30 years of production, multitudes more radiation was released into the air, soil, and water than Soviet officials say escaped at Chernobyl, the site of the worst nuclear accident in history. In fact, as much as 450 billion gallons of contaminated wastes were dumped into the soils at Hanford, including a million gallons of liquid High-Level Nuclear Wastes. Furthermore, over a third of the 177 underground storage tanks have leaked radioactive and chemically toxic solutions into the ground.

At Heart of America Northwest, thier mission is to advance our region's quality of life through highly credible research, education, and participation of citizens in issues affecting the health, environment, and economy of the Northwest.

Heart of America Northwest is a regional non-profit public interest organization. They are the leading grassroots organization working on the clean-up of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, transportation of nuclear waste to the Northwest, and other hazardous waste issues.

Heart of America Northwest has a new website, please visit www.hoanw.org.



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